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hi, I'm Lindsey

Your ottawa lifestyle Boudoir photographer

As women, we're constantly shown messaging about how less-than-perfect we are. It's everywhere - on the internet, on TV (I mean who really watches TV, we have Netflix, but you know what I mean!) and definitely across our social media. I know exactly how much that messaging can get into your head, and trick us into thinking we're not good enough, or not beautiful like her. And that's a huge part of why I offer Boudoir photography. I want to spend time, with you, rewriting the way that story goes in your head. My goal, in every Boudoir session I have, is to create a photo set that shows you as you are. Confident, gorgeous, and if you're feeling the vibes for your session: sexy as hell. 

I'm Lindsey, and I'm so, so glad you're here. A little about me, I've recently moved here to Ottawa, and outside of being a photographer, I'm a dog-mom, yogi, food lover, and I'll take a comfy pair of leggings over jeans ANY day of the week. I watch too much Netflix, and I'm the kind of person who has to finish something once I've started, so yes, I begrudgingly watched Pretty Little Liars all the way through. 

My Work

I got my Charlie just after my second year at university. He was only ten weeks old when I got him and for a while, it was rough. Being a student and training a dog was really hard, especially when he was such a terror... But now, he is an amazing and affectionate dog and I love him to bits!

My dog, Charlie


Yoga has been the most amazing thing for me mentally and physically. It can be the most peaceful and hardcore workout you'll do. It makes me feel so strong and empowered. It's seriously my favourite way to start my day!



This is Michael! He's my number one. He's my biggest supporter, my teddy bear, my shoulder to cry on, and way more than I could ever ask for.

My partner in crime


things i love

As a lifestyle photographer, my priority during a session is capturing those subtle, magical moments when you're in your element. 

What this means for you, practically speaking, is that during out session we're going to be casual. We're going to get to know each other. We're going to get comfy - and while we're talking, and you're being your gorgeous self, I'm going to document... well, you. I'm that way you can look back on yourself, years from now.

If you're wondering what this means about posing, and what to do with your hands, don't freak out. Though I don't use traditional posing techniques that come to mind when you think of department store photography, I will tell you what to do, and how to move. There's no need to worry about feeling awkward or stiff, because we'll work that all out together during your session. 


I want you to get comfy.


I can not say enough positive things about Lindsey and the whole experience. From the first correspondence, to the reveal, to the delivery of the final product. My journey started by wanting to do something special for my husband but the experience and selflove I was left with, was something I did not expect. Lindsey is nothing but kind, professional and passionate about what she does. I felt that all my needs and insecurities were taken into consideration which lead to me having the best time and relaxing for those perfect shots. The guidance and support that Lindsey provides seems to come naturally and her goal to showcase you and your best self really comes through in the final product.

A. R. 

I was pretty nervous before starting my session, but Lindsey made me feel so relaxed and comfortable right away. As the shoot went on she knew exactly how to make me feel more confident in myself and I truly believe she is top notch! My experience ended up being really fun and I love how the photos turned out! It was amazing to see how Lindsey captured a beauty in myself that I am not familiar with and I think that everyone should book a session with Lindsey if they get a chance!! Thank you Lindsey!!

The Lady in Red

I couldn’t be happier about my Boudoir shoot with Lindsey M Photography. I was nervous but Lindsey made it fun and encouraged me to let loose and feel confident. Lindsey was professional every step of the way and I could see how much she loves what she does. Every stage from prepping days before to the reveal of my gorgeous photos was well communicated and went smoothly. I will be recommending Lindsey to all my friends and family because she truly is an artist.

the siren

Getting the opportunity to work with Lindsey was an absolute dream! Her Professionalism and calm demeanour really helps you get comfortable but her sense of humour and personality really is the icing on the cake. It’s hard to miss the knowledge and passion she has for photography and for making you see yourself from her perspective. It’s very empowering! She could tell that I was feeling a little insecure after a couple of photos she showed me what she had took and Instantaneously had a HUGE Confidence boost. I am completely stunned by the results of my shoot but more shocked by the confidence that shoot gave me day to day. I would 10/10 recommend Lindsey if you’re looking for some sexxxxxxy photos and serious confidence boost!

Client Thoughts