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The Experience

OTTAWA Boudoir Photographer

Pre-Payment plans available for weekly, biweekly, or monthly payments for your selected collection.

COLLECTIONS start at $2200

Session Fee | $500

Your boudoir experience is an investment in YOU. 
Your session fee includes:
  • Reserving your date in my calendar
  • The hair and makeup for your session
  • My full prep guide
  • Access to my client closet (sizes XS to 4X).

Images and products are sold separately, as COLLECTIONS.

The Price

Hiring a photographer is so much more than just buying beautiful photos... It's about finding the right person who can provide you with an unforgettable experience. Even more importantly, boudoir sessions are a super vulnerable environment, so you need to find someone who makes you feel safe and comfortable. As your photographer, I'll be there to guide you throughout the entire process, answer your questions, ease your stresses, and HYPE YOU UP! 

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the Investment

Lindsey is an absolute joy to work with. Her excitement and confidence immediately sets you at ease and boosts your own excitement and confidence. If you're feeling hesitant or unsure, she immediately coms up with a way to make you feel more comfortable. The photos turn out beautifully and the whole experience is wonderful from beginning to end. If there's a little voice telling you that maybe this isn't for you, don't listen to it. You'll feel amazing and love the results.

After my engagement, I knew I wanted to create something unique for my partner on our wedding day. Friends of mine raved about their boudoir sessions and told me I had to do one of my own. Unsure of what to expect, I leapt in with curiosity and was not disappointed. Working with Lindsey was a smooth and fun experience - everything from email communications to hair and makeup to the big reveal was well-facilitated. Lindsey not only guided me through different poses, but she also created an environment where I felt comfortable expressing myself. I left my session feeling liberated and more confident in my body. I am grateful for Lindsey's approach to her art and encourage anyone on the fence to jump right in. Be open, experiment and know you're in good hands!

From the 1st call to the Day, she kept me Informed of all the does and don'ts, the process, and what to expect. I was extremely nervous the day of my appointment. I walked into her studio and I felt right at home. The Makeup Artist did an incredible job on my makeup and hair. Then the session started... never ever in my life have I felt so beautiful, comfortable in my skin, so empowered.
The reveal was exceptional, the delivery of my photos were as promised.
I highly recommend Lindsey to ALL women for a Boudoir session at least once in your life. Ladies you won't be disappointed!

I was pretty nervous before starting my session, but Lindsey made me feel so relaxed and comfortable right away. As the shoot went on she knew exactly how to make me feel more confident in myself and I truly believe she is top notch! My experience ended up being really fun and I love how the photos turned out! It was amazing to see how Lindsey captured a beauty in myself that I am not familiar with and I think that everyone should book a session with Lindsey if they get a chance!! Thank you Lindsey!!

I couldn’t be happier about my Boudoir shoot with Lindsey M Photography. I was nervous but Lindsey made it fun and encouraged me to let loose and feel confident. Lindsey was professional every step of the way and I could see how much she loves what she does. Every stage from prepping days before to the reveal of my gorgeous photos was well communicated and went smoothly. I will be recommending Lindsey to all my friends and family because she truly is an artist.

Getting the opportunity to work with Lindsey was an absolute dream! Her Professionalism and calm demeanour really helps you get comfortable but her sense of humour and personality really is the icing on the cake. It’s hard to miss the knowledge and passion she has for photography and for making you see yourself from her perspective. It’s very empowering! She could tell that I was feeling a little insecure after a couple of photos she showed me what she had took and Instantaneously had a HUGE Confidence boost. I am completely stunned by the results of my shoot but more shocked by the confidence that shoot gave me day to day. I would 10/10 recommend Lindsey if you’re looking for some sexxxxxxy photos and serious confidence boost!

Client Thoughts