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Champagne Shoot | From Your Ottawa Creative Boudoir Photographer

This creative boudoir photographer came up with an idea that gives a whole new meaning to champagne birthday!

client poses with glass of champagne for creative boudoir photographer

So, my client wanted to do her session for HER birthday. Yup, for her birthday. Not her boyfriend/husband/partner’s birthday. Most of the time, clients come to me to get a gift for their partner, which is great. It’s such a special gift! I even wrote a blog post about Engagement Gifts for your Fiancé. But when someone wants to do a boudoir session for themself, well… there’s no better reason for a session!

As her creative boudoir photographer, I knew I needed to do something special. During her planning consultation, I told her I had an idea… a surprise for her birthday session!

champagne boudoir session detail shot


I got her champagne for her birthday boudoir session! To drink, and for her creative boudoir photoshoot.

pouring champagne on client for creative boudoir photoshoot

Yup. We poured it on her!

For anonymity sake, we won’t be showing you the champagne boobie shots. She wanted to keep some of them for herself!

This session was seriously SO fun! I’ve decided to add this as a Sweet Exclusive Themed Set.

As a creative boudoir photographer, I’ve got TONS of tricks up my sleeve. If you’d like to see more of them, take a look at my Photoshoot Ideas blog category! Or, you can always Contact Me if you’ve got an idea you’d like to try out!

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