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Intimate Portraits Ottawa | The Nudescapes Set

The ultimate bonus set to add-on to your intimate portraits session in Ottawa with your favourite Boudoir Photographer….. Introducing the “Nudescapes” Bonus Set!

woman posing for intimate portrait session with Ottawa boudoir photographer

Now, if you didn’t know how this works by now… When you Book Your Session with me, you’ll be asked if you want to pre-pay for a collection.

Pre-payment plans are the best way for you to pay for your collection when you book your session. So often, I hear that intimate portrait sessions are out of budget (and don’t get me wrong, I totally understand) but pre-payment plans offer you the opportunity to pay bit by bit for your session for up to 18 months!

SO, if you decide to pre-pay for a collection upon booking your intimate portraits session, you’ll unlock a Bonus Set! Just a little gift from me to you when you complete your pre-payment plan!

What I love the most about this bonus set, is that there’s no “theme” for this set. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good themed set…. But it’s literally for ANYONE to choose. It’s not like the Bridal Set which mostly only gets selected by brides-to-be, or the Smokey Set for a Halloween vibe… This set is simply an elegant, sensual, and empowering way to celebrate your body! But don’t just take my word for it… take a peak:

There’s just something breathtaking about the blacked out background in this set that really showcases the beauty of the subject… Now image this… YOU are in front of this black backdrop, posing for your intimate portraits session in Ottawa…. Then when you come see the images, we place these three together for your new wall-art series…

I mean, come on…. How could you not feel amazing walking into your ensuite or bedroom and seeing that series? Goddess vibes, am I right?

So, are you ready to book your session yet? You can do it right now. Just make sure to select the Seduction Collection when you select your package and you’ll get to unlock this Nudescapes Set!

Can’t wait to see you!

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