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Witchy Boudoir | The Smokey Set

Looking for a witchy boudoir session? Check out this Ottawa Boudoir Photographer’s newest Bonus Set!

woman posing for ottawa boudoir photographer with smokey set

Where my witchy boudoir girlies at?

This set is literally PERFECT for a witchy vibe. Add some extra candles, and BOOM. Witchy. If you’re really feeling it, we can add a few more ~spooky~ things to up the Halloween vibe. I’ve got tons of things from my Halloween marathon that I’d love to use again!

You must know by now that I love a good dark and moody edit. The smokey set just adds this sultry and sexy vibe to the mood in the studio and I love it so much. It’s definitely the last step of the session since it takes a while to air out. I don’t mind though… How could I when these are the results?

How do I access this bonus set?

Just like any of my bonus sets, you have to pre-pay for a collection in order to unlock it. The smokey bonus set is unlocked with my Lust Collection! You can read about the boudoir process to find out more info on how to unlock this set… but if you pre-pay for the Lust Collection, then you can get this bonus set!

If you’re feeling the witchy boudoir vibe…

You may really like my Devil Wing Bonus Set too… If you unlock the Devil Wing Set, you can add on additional bonus sets. The smokey set + Devil wing set is the ultimate witchy bonus set!!! That would be incredible… What do you think? Ready to book your session yet?

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