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The Process Overview | Lindsey M Boudoir

A session with me isn’t just a session. This is an entire experience. Let’s talk about it!

The Booking Process

First communications

If you haven’t already, you’ve got two options to get onto my calendar.

You can book directly from my website if you’re ready to go. I’ll confirm once I have my glam team availability and you’ll be good to go!

You can also fill out my contact form and schedule a call with me so we can go over any questions you have first and foremost. Make sure we’re a good fit for each other and that everything is crystal clear before you move forward!

The Booking Proposal

Whether you book directly from my website or schedule a call first, you’re going to come across the booking proposal. There’s three steps here… The questionnaire (for me to get a good idea of what you’re looking for), the contract (to set out some clear expectations for both of us), and the invoice (the session fee is due to reserve your date).

In the questionnaire, you can tell me a bit more about what you’re looking for. This is when you’ll have to tell me if you’re looking to do an outdoor session, or incorporate something special.

Picking Your Collection

You know that your prints, products, and images are sold separately from your session fee… and they’re sold in collections! These collections are totally customizable, but at this point, you just have to pick which one suits your needs best. We will adjust at your reveal!

Often times, people will pick their collection based on which bonus set they want. You’ve got to pre-pay for a collection in order to unlock one! You don’t have to pick your bonus set yet.. that’ll come later.

The Pre-payment Plan

If you choose to pre-pay for a collection, which you should.. so you can unlock your bonus sets… then you’ll have to choose monthly, biweekly, or single payment.

If your session is less than 3 months away, obviously your options will be limited. We will choose either a 3, 6, 9, or 12 month plan, depending on when your session is, and either do monthly or biweekly payments. Whatever you choose! This does have to be paid in full before the session takes place for your bonus set to be unlocked. You can also pay in a single payment 30 days before your session!

The Planning Process

Once the booking has been completed, your pre-payment plan set up, you really won’t hear from me much until the month before your session. That’s when I’ll send you a planning questionnaire! I’ll also send you my in-depth prep guide so you can be just as prepared as me for your session day.

Hair and Makeup Questions

We’re going to go in depth on what your hair and skin are like… What you want your makeup to look like… your eyelashes… your lipstick colour… your hair style… everything! I’ll send this over to my glam team ahead of the session so we are all super prepared when you arrive. We’ll already know what you want and we can just get started!

Session Specifics

There will be a few questions about your session. You can tell me about what kinds of outfits you’d like so I can pull them from the client closet before you arrive. You’ll pick the colour for the bedsheets. Decide if you’d like a mimosa or not. You’ll tell me your favourite parts about yourself so I know what to showcase for your posing! We’ll totally customize your session to YOU.

Choose your bonus sets

I think this is everyone’s favourite part. You pick your bonus set in this questionnaire! You’ll have the option to upgrade your collection to unlock a specific bonus set, or just choose whatever is already unlocked for you.

The Session Day

I’ve already written a pretty in-depth blog post about the session day experience. Make sure you give it a read! To summarize though…

You’ll get ready with my glam team member for your session day. Hair and makeup will be done just as you described in your questionnaire while you sip on a mimosa if you choose to! Enjoy your pampering time.

Next is shooting time! You’ll put on your first outfit of the day and we’ll get started! I will tell you how to pose, what to do with your face, when to breathe, and I’ll hype you up! I’ll even show you a few images from the back of my camera so you know the awkward pose you just got out of actually looked amazing. Honestly, it’ll feel like a good yoga practice. You’ll probably be sore the next day. You’ll use muscles to pose you may not have ever used… You’ll think I’m crazy with some poses, but I promise, the results are worth it!!!

Once the shoot is over, I’ll send you on your way to grab a bite to eat while I cull and edit your images. I’ll have them lightly edited so you know what the colours and lighting will look like. We’ll finalize your order together. Make any changes to your collection, pick your images, album cover, wall-art options, etc. Then the next time I see you is 4-8 weeks later when your products arrive!

Now, if you’ve read through this whole thing, then it’s time for you to Reach Out and get booked in for your boudoir experience!

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