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Ottawa Outdoor Boudoir Photography

woman posing for Ottawa outdoor boudoir session

Hey, I’m Lindsey, your Ottawa boudoir photographer. I LOVE to get creative with sessions, and outdoor boudoir in the Ottawa area is one of my absolute favourite ways to do that! There’s so many stunning places in Ottawa and Gatineau to choose from, and I’m happy to explore them with you!

Why do an outdoor boudoir session?

Don’t get me wrong… I adore my studio space. My studio is my happy place! But Outdoor Boudoir in Ottawa is special. You know, Ontario is a STUNNING place to live… Ottawa being so close to Gatineau, the options for location are really endless. Sure, posing for an outdoor boudoir session is very different from a studio boudoir session… The variety in location, formations, and scenery more than makes up for it!

Where should my outdoor session take place?

To preface, I will go pretty much anywhere. I’ll go to your cottage and take the cozy-vibe shots on the dock. We can head to the beach for a sandy session. I’ll hike into the forest with you to get the forest-fairy dreamy images. But here are some thoughts on each option.

woman posing for outdoor boudoir session in the lake

By the lake

This babe. There’s no words!

Honestly, the water was pretty warm this day and the sky was so overcast and it made for the perfect moody lake session.

If you want to see more about this, I wrote an entire blog post on this session. Check it out here!

There’s something so powerful and sexy about boudoir in the water. Like you’re a sexy mermaid or a siren or something!

By the Ottawa River

Okay, maybe this is a copout. I know it’s basically the same thing, but you get a bit more scenic with the forestry on the other side of the river.

woman posing by the Ottawa river for outdoor boudoir session
woman standing in the rocks for Ottawa outdoor boudoir session

In the rocks

We’re in the Canadian Shield, so we can find some stunning rocky spots for shots like this. The depth of the colour here was remarkable.

In the Forest

The fall in Ottawa for an outdoor boudoir session is just stunning! The falling leaves add a really fun component to your gallery. Not to mention the colours!!! The forest is absolutely the way to go for a fall outdoor session!

woman in the falling leaves posing for outdoor boudoir session in ottawa

Okay, so how does this all work?

If you know me, I try to make everything as seamless as possible for you. If you didn’t read my blog post about the luxury boudoir experience yet, then you should.

So when picking a location, I’m happy to scout it out for you! I’ve obviously done this a fair few times, so I have a handful of amazing locations to use.

We’ll have a quick call to discuss the options. We’ll chat about the vibe you’re going for, and make a decision about the location. I’ll send over an invoice for the travel fee. Sorry babe, gas isn’t cheap… Plus I have to bring an assistant with me! She’ll help carry all the stuff around (keep reading to find out what I bring with me) and make sure we have privacy from onlookers.. more on that too if you scroll down.

I’m nervous someone will see at my Ottawa Outdoor boudoir session… What do you do?

Okay I already told you, but I bring an assistant with me to outdoor sessions. Often times, this is our makeup artist for the day, and she just sticks around for the rest of the session. Let’s say, we’re in the forest… We’ll walk a hiking trail together until we find a spot where creativity strikes! You and I will head over to the spot and our lovely assistant will keep watch for us. I can’t promise that we will have complete privacy. People will walk by but they typically just keep walking. Maybe we get a weird look or two, but that’s it!

Like, some dude was fishing in a boat on the right while we were shooting at this session… It is what it is! They didn’t care, and we didn’t either!

What do I wear for my Ottawa outdoor boudoir session?

Easy. I’ve got you covered! We’ll talk about outfit choices when we discuss your location, because it kind of makes a difference. In the water, we want either tight to the skin, or something flowy for a fun texture… but more on that when we actually talk. I want to talk about the client closet!!!

I’ll send you a questionnaire before the session, and you can tell me if there’s anything you’d like to wear from the client closet. I’ve got sized from XS to 4X so I’m certain we’ll find something for you. I’ll bring some pieces with me and carry it all around in my backpack. I’ve even got a pop-up changing tent so you don’t ever have to be nakey if you don’t want to!

What do I need to bring?

In short, nothing. I’ve pretty much got you covered. You can read my blog post for what to bring to a studio session, and the workings are pretty much the same. Nude thong is the most important so you’re allowed to put on the client closet pieces. But other than that, you’re good. Here’s a list of everything I bring…

  • Camera (duh)
  • Camera Bag
  • Changing Tent
  • Lingerie
  • Sunscreen (I’m a pastey bitch)
  • Bug spray

The list goes on, but now you know why I need an assistant! It’s a lot…

Ready to talk about your Ottawa Outdoor Boudoir session with me? Reach Out and let’s have a chat!!!

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