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Ottawa Maternity Boudoir | Lindsey M Boudoir

expecting mother posing for ottawa maternity boudoir session

As an expecting mom, your body is going through SO much to create this little life. I hope that you fall in love with this version of your body, but it can be really hard for some women. Some women have a hard time recognizing themselves in the mirror. That’s why I think maternity boudoir is so powerful. You get the opportunity to capture this incredible power your body has in such a sensual way. You get the chance to find yourself in this new body. To love yourself as you are. That’s the whole point of boudoir anyway.

What do I wear for my Maternity Boudoir Session?

I’ve got good news for you. The options are limitless! If you were wondering what to wear for a regular boudoir session, it’s really not much different. I’ve got some extra special ideas for you here though.

pregnant woman wearing boho style maternity dress for Ottawa boudoir session

Boho style maternity dress

I absolutely adore this dress. Of course, it’s in my client closet!

I think this piece is stunning. I’m not going to lie, on the hanger, it looks odd… But on, this thing is just gorgeous! It’s so ~mother nature~ and I’m here for it.

This is actually a regular maternity dress that could be used for any outdoor regular maternity session. We unzipped the back and pulled it off the shoulders to make it appropriate for her Ottawa maternity boudoir session.

Bold Coloured Maternity Dress

This gown… I’m calling it a gown because it’s more than a dress… It’s regal. Stunning. JAW DROPPING!

OBVIOUSLY I couldn’t deny my beautiful clients the opportunity to wear this gorgeous thing. So, it’s also in my client closet. It’s so sexy for your Ottawa maternity boudoir session. OUH I just love it.

pregnant woman hugging her belly for Ottawa maternity boudoir shoot

Anything open in the front

You’re coming for your maternity boudoir session to show off the belly!

Wearing something open in the front means we actually get to see the belly. Plus, who doesn’t love a good pregnant belly button?

This will also allow you to show off the belly but still get the coverage you want. You can pair an open piece with some cheekie undies and you’re good to go!

Babydoll? For your maternity boudoir session?

Yes. Normally, babydolls aren’t my favourite… But this sheer piece might’ve changed my mind!

I actually LOVE the way the sheer material falls on the belly. It’s so smooth and shows a beautiful belly shape! Plus, it’s see-through, so we can get some gorgeous silhouette shots for your Ottawa maternity boudoir session.

expecting mother wearing babydoll outfit for maternity boudoir session
pregnant woman posing for Ottawa boudoir session in knit sweater

A cozy knit sweater

is always going to win in my books. For your Ottawa maternity boudoir session, we may want to go with a softer look.

The knit texture shows so well in your images and just warms the soul. When you see this image, doesn’t it make you want to curl up with baby and a mug of hot chocolate?

Again, you can cover what you want… or don’t want 😉 when you wear the knit cardigan. It totally customizes the experience for your comfort level.

… or nothing? It is maternity boudoir after all.

Most of the time, my clients (pregnant or not) end up doing SOME nude shots.

Of course this is COMPLETELY optional. If it isn’t in your comfort level, then it’s a no go… But you might find that once you get in the studio, you’ll be able to let loose and get nakey!

Plus, what an incredible way to end your Ottawa maternity boudoir session, right?!

Why should I do a maternity boudoir session?

I’ll start by saying, this isn’t for everyone. Your pregnancy might make you feel so sick and so uncomfortable that getting dolled up and posing for a maternity boudoir session is an immediate no. And that’s okay! But that might just be the reason you need to pamper yourself for just a day. If it is, we’ll take posing real slow and we’ll have a garbage can on stand-by.

Or maybe you feel the pregnancy glow and love this new body of yours and want to capture this moment! Fuck yeah, let’s do it! Embrace this version of sexy for you!

Maybe your partner can’t take their hands off you and you want to see what they see. My entire job is about showing you a perspective of yourself that the critical eye in the mirror doesn’t get to see. This could be your opportunity to see what they see… To see how sexy this body really is!

Are you ready to book your Ottawa Maternity Boudoir Session?

Yes mama let’s do it! Feel free to reach out so we can chat about your needs. I would suggest you book your session about at least a month before your due date. That way, you’re still comfortable enough to pose for the session and we don’t have to worry too much about baby coming early!

See you soon <3

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