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Outdoor Boudoir Photoshoot | Is the Lake Too Daring?

Woman sitting on a rock in the lake during her outdoor boudoir photoshoot

Do you want to do something a little different? Do an outdoor boudoir photoshoot. Is it a little extra scary? Maybe… But honestly, how different is it from being in a bikini? Okay, I know that’s also pretty scary but that’s what this experience is all about. It’s about time you feel comfortable in your own skin, and who gives a fuck who’s watching?

Woman posing in the waves for her outdoor boudoir photoshoot

First of all, big shoutout to this girl! I’m going to call her The Siren, because she looks like a magical water woman and she absolutely killed this session.

Although I absolutely adore my studio in Winchester (about 30 mins south of Ottawa), I was over the moon when The Siren reached out about doing an outdoor boudoir photoshoot. We settled on a location near Bancroft at this amazingly clear lake. If you’ve got an idea in mind, you can Contact Me and we can talk about it!

It’s very empowering! She could tell that I was feeling a little insecure after a couple of photos she showed me what she had took and Instantaneously had a HUGE Confidence boost. I am completely stunned by the results of my shoot but more shocked by the confidence that shoot gave me day to day.

– The Siren

What do you wear for an outdoor boudoir photoshoot?

I actually have a client closet of amazing things you can wear. Most of my client closet would work beautifully for an outdoor boudoir photoshoot, and some of it even works for the water! Something to think about is how the material will look wet… So The Siren and I talked a lot about outfits and we decided that this little silky number would be SOOO sexy in the water. You tell me, did we nail it?

What you wear is 100000% up to you. I have some great tips for outfits so if you don’t have a clue what you want to wear, I’ve got you. You’re also not restricted to lingerie either!

Woman posing in the lake with a sheet for outdoor boudoir photoshoot

If you’re comfortable, you can get nakey with just a sheet. Look how silky and magical it looks in the water!

Woman in a formal dress in the water during outdoor boudoir photoshoot

Yup… that’s a dress. Like a dress you’d wear to a dinner… In a lake, for an outdoor boudoir photoshoot.

The outfit options are truly endless. I’m confident we can find something you’re going to feel sexy in!

Are you ready for your outdoor boudoir photoshoot experience? Let’s talk about it! Reach Out and let’s make magic happen!

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