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Intimate Gifts | Tips for printing Sexy Photos for Your Partner

Are you struggling to think of a gift for your partner and want to spice things up a bit? Sexy photos make the best gift!

woman giving her partner a sexy photos gift
Seriously, look at these two lovebirds! Aren’t they adorable?

The absolute best thing about doing a boudoir session is that it’s an incredible experience for you, and you get the added bonus of being able to gift your images to your loving partner. They also make a great gift for ANY special occasion… Valentine’s day, an anniversary, birthdays, even Christmas gifts.

How should I plan the sexy photos gift? Can it be a surprise?

SOOOOO many of my clients print their photos as a surprise for their partner. You can do it to. You just might have to make up some white lies…

  1. What do I tell them about the session day?

    Well, for the session day, you’ll have to find a good excuse to be all dolled up since you’ll have your hair and makeup done! If you’re a bride, tell your fiancé you’re doing your first hair and makeup trial for your wedding day… Or tell your partner that you went for a girls day out and got dolled up for brunch.

  2. What about payments?

    I know that this is an investment, and maybe you don’t want that chunk of change coming out of your bank account on your Gallery Reveal day. Maybe your partner won’t notice the small payments from your pre-payment plan so it’ll still be a surprise!

  3. What to I tell them about our phone calls?

    So many options… You could say I’m your gyno, or dermatologist, a friend from highschool that you’re planning to get coffee with or you could even tell them you’re looking to do a family session with me (I do those too, you can find my website HERE).

What should I give them?

There are so many incredible ways to print your sexy photos to gift them to your partner… Here are just a few of the options you’ll have for your reveal day!

Sexy photo album gift idea


I have to say… my albums are show stopping! They are my most popular item mostly because they’re so incredibly well-made and luxurious, but you also get the most photos in this!

sexy photo wall art

Wall Art

I know, wall art of yourself is scary… but you can always go with the anonymous shots and your partner can hide it away in their home office or man-cave and nobody will know!

sexy photo folio gift


Such a sneaky and stunning way to showcase your sexy photos as a gift for your partner. They’ll close it up and put it in a desk drawer to open up in secret!

When should I schedule my session for my sexy photos gift?

Well, you can never be too early with scheduling your session. You should aim to schedule your boudoir experience at least three months before you need the sexy photos gift… That’ll give me enough time to edit your images, for you to choose your products, and for your products to arrive, with a little buffer for delays!

So… what are you waiting for?

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