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What to bring to your Boudoir Photo Shoot

So, your boudoir photo shoot is coming up and you’re wondering what you should bring…

Good news, I have all the best tips for you!

woman posing for boudoir photo shoot

What are the MUST HAVES for my boudoir photo shoot?

When you are working with me, this list is short… There are only a small handful of items I ask that you bring to make your boudoir photo shoot incredible.

woman holding her bum for boudoir photo shoot

A Nude Thong

Yes, please please please bring your nude thong to your boudoir photoshoot if you’re planning on wearing ANYTHING from my client closet.

Hygiene is super important to me. Even though I wash every piece (even if it’s only worn for 5 seconds) I still require you to wear a nude thong underneath.

One outfit of your own

It’s never happened before, but what if you don’t like any of the items in my client closet? Well if you’ve brought something of your own you know fits well and you love, then we’re good to go. Otherwise, we shoot nakey!

lady holding her hair for boudoir photo shoot

Yup… That’s it! Didn’t I say that the list was short? When you’re packing for your boudoir photo shoot with me, your bag will be LIGHT! I’ve got you from start to finish (from Initial Inquiry to Gallery Reveal), head to toe! Everything else is taken care of for you.

What else can I bring to my boudoir photo shoot?

My list of must haves is short, but my list of suggestions is never ending!!! There are countless options for things to bring to make your session personalized and unique to you.

woman wearing husband's shirt for boudoir photo shoot

Your partner’s shirt

This babe was actually doing her boudoir photo shoot as an anniversary gift for her husband, and she’s wearing his wedding shirt! How sweet is this?


Don’t worry, you won’t have to walk around in them… But a nice pair of stilettoes can be really fun in some shots!

woman posing for boudoir photo shoot in stilletoes
woman posing with engagement ring at boudoir photo shoot


Adding your own personal touch to your boudoir photo shoot is so key! Jewelry is such a special way to do it… whether it’s an engagement ring, a special bracelet or necklace your partner gave to you, or your favourite pearl earrings, it’ll make your session a little more unique.

Any prop that makes you feel *spicy*

Spicy AF example here >>>>

woman posing with whip for boudoir photo shoot
woman posing in husband's jersey for boudoir photo shoot

A jersey from your (or your partner’s) favourite team

These can be pretty bulky, but I have my ways of helping you pose for the BEST jersey images

Anything that suits YOU

Like this badass who brought her army uniform for her session. Just WOW

I could go on for days with prop ideas and other things to bring, but if you want to chat about how we can make YOUR boudoir experience more unique, then Reach Out and let’s have a chat!

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