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Ottawa Boudoir Photographer | Devil Wing Set

This Ottawa Boudoir Photographer has not one, but TWO sets of wings! If you haven’t already, check out the Angel Wing Set, then you need to. But not before you read the rest of this post!

woman modelling Ottawa Boudoir Photographer's Devil Wings

Lindsey is the ONLY Ottawa Boudoir photographer with a Devil Wings set in the area!

Yup, you read that right. As a boudoir photographer, I’m connected with so many other boudoir photographers, and so many from the Ottawa area. Not a single one has a set of Devil Wings, let alone a pair this incredible! When you Choose Lindsey M Boudoir as your Ottawa Boudoir Photographer, you’re getting a set that can’t be found anywhere else! In order to unlock this Bonus Set, you’ll have to pre-pay for the Tempation Collection.

Are you into the Spooky Stuff?

I mean, it doesn’t HAVE to be Halloween for you to add these devil wings to your session. It can be, but maybe you’re a little witchy and want the sexy rogue vibe?

These wings are SOOO moody and SOOO spicy, you won’t go wrong with choosing this Bonus Set for your session!

The moody vibe is strong with the devil wings… pair them with a red or black pair of heels and black lingerie and you are IT BABE! Satan ain’t got nothing on you!

There are SOOO many sexy and moody poses to do with these devil wings… your gallery will be fire! Ha, because there’s fire in hell 😉

I know, you want to see more images because these wings are so incredible. Your wish is my command, you spicy lady!

WOOH, is it just me, or is it hot as HELL in here! Did you see what I did there? Devil Wings? Hell? I’m so sorry, I’ll just show myself out…

Just don’t forget to Reach Out to book your session while I’m gone!

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