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Plus Size Boudoir Photography | Lindsey M Boudoir

You don’t have to worry about being plus size at your boudoir session. EVERY body is welcome in Lindsey M Boudoir’s studio! We are all about body positivity here. You are beautiful, you are worthy you are enough. I’m here to help you see that!

Plus size woman at Ottawa boudoir session

When you walk into my studio, my goal is to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin. You’ll be welcomed by me and my glam team, (and a mimosa if you’d like) then taken to hair and makeup for some pampering! I’ll already have your outfits laid out for you from my client closet. I will coach you through the entire session so you don’t have to worry about a thing. But let’s talk about it.

The Client Closet

The client closet at Lindsey M Boudoir’s studio has over 50 pieces and counting, ranging from XS to 4X. Needless to say, I’m here for my plus size boudoir babes. All of the lingerie here is either adjustable or stretchy, so I guarantee we will find pieces that flatter you. Here are some for you to check out!

I felt that all my needs and insecurities were taken into consideration which lead to me having the best time and relaxing for those perfect shots. The guidance and support that Lindsey provides seems to come naturally and her goal to showcase you and your best self really comes through in the final product.


Plus Size Boudoir Poses

You may think that because you’re “plus size” that you need an entirely different boudoir experience. Fuck that noise. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or 20, you’re going to get a personalized experience and posing set. You deserve every ounce of love and encouragement that any other client of mine gets. I tailor every session to each individual who walks through my door. You tell me you love your booty (YAS!) and we will add some extra spicy booty shots. Or you love your back, or legs, or hair, or eyes… You get the point. We will tweak poses to work best for your flexibility and body shape so we can show off your best assets 😉

Still a little nervous about your boudoir experience? Reach Out and let’s talk about it. Everyone is nervous, but I’m here for you, boo!

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