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You’ve booked your luxury boudoir experience, and now you’re nervous. (If this isn’t you yet, then check out the post I made about The Booking Process and book your damn session!) Being nervous is COMPLETELY normal and I get it… This is a vulnerable setting and that can be scary. So let me tell you […]

The Process

The Luxury Boudoir Experience | A step by step

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This creative boudoir photographer came up with an idea that gives a whole new meaning to champagne birthday! So, my client wanted to do her session for HER birthday. Yup, for her birthday. Not her boyfriend/husband/partner’s birthday. Most of the time, clients come to me to get a gift for their partner, which is great. […]

Photoshoot Ideas

Champagne Shoot | From Your Ottawa Creative Boudoir Photographer

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Do you want to do something a little different? Do an outdoor boudoir photoshoot. Is it a little extra scary? Maybe… But honestly, how different is it from being in a bikini? Okay, I know that’s also pretty scary but that’s what this experience is all about. It’s about time you feel comfortable in your […]

Photoshoot Ideas

Outdoor Boudoir Photoshoot | Is the Lake Too Daring?

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woman posing for boudoir photoshoot

You’ve just finished your boudoir photoshoot and now what? I promise, you won’t be waiting too long but be patient… Perfect images don’t happen at the click of a button! If you’re new here and don’t know what a Gallery Reveal is, it’s part three of my client experience! Check out my investment page ( […]

Photoshoot Ideas

Post Boudoir Photoshoot – Your Gallery Reveal

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